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From Sundown to Safe Town Campaign: Make San Leandro a Sanctuary City! 
Make San Leandro Unified School District a Sanctuary District!
The scholars of the Social Justice Academy participated in a successful campaign alongside community members and organizations and allies that made all schools in the San Leandro Unified School District "safe havens" and San Leandro a sanctuary city.  

Educate to Liberate, Know Your Vote Campaign 
by the Senior Class of 2017
The seniors led the academy in educating the campus and wider community about the election.  They focused most of their attention on getting Measure J1 and Proposition 55 passed.  They were a big part of the passage of Measure J1 in San Leandro that would fund much needed repairs in our school district, most especially, the elementary schools, where some of the facilities are over 100 years old with basic structural and electrical problems.  The youth tabled, phone banked, went precinct walking, and held rallies on a near daily basis for this campaign!  Their efforts were not in vain!

Senior Quest Projects
In their 3rd year of the program, SJA seniors engage in a year long independent project called Quest.  Essentially, it is a mini campaign where they seek to answer their proposed essential question by engaging in research, inquiry, cultural work, outreach, direct experience, networking, and so forth.  Feel free to see their projects by clicking on the following links to their websites that documented their projects.  

2017 Quest Projects

yOurstory Project in the 10th Grade 
Driving Question: How can telling my story positively impact myself and my community?
2015 Project with the SJA Class of 2019

yOurstory 2016 (Class of 2019)

2015 Project with the SJA Class of 2018

yOurstory 2015 (Class of 2018)

Power of Dissent Project in the 11th Grade

Peace in the Streets Project in the 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade

Project Overview: In order to address the disconnect between youth and adults, the academy organized workshops, outreach events, and community forums.  The culminating event was a panel discussion that included community members, students, school staff, city council, and officers in the San Leandro Police Department.

Driving Questions and Products
10th: How can we design and facilitate workshops that will enable young students to communicate their experiences?
Product: "Be the Change" workshops at the local middle schools

11th: How do we raise awareness and mobilize the members of a community?
Products: "Know Your Rights" workshops and Outreach

12th: How do we organize an effective public forum?
Product: Panel Discussion

Peace in the Streets Project

Peace in the Streets Toolkit

Campaign Proposal Winner in the 11th Grade 

This will be the senior campaign in the 2015-16 school year!

We're in this Ship Together

Top 3 Campaign Proposals
1. "We're in this ship together!" Gender Equality in Campus Sports
2. "Precious Knowledge" Ethnic Studies at SLHS
3. "Ca$hout my Knowledge" School Budget Transparency

Campaign Evaluations on GoogleForm:

Power of Dissent Project in the 11th Grade

Project Driving Question:  How do we express dissent in a productive and effective way?

Project Overview: Over the course of the project, the students created and evaluated the effectiveness of different strategies used to express dissent.  They chose a broad topic to cover in a group.  Their group developed an informational website on Google Sites that contains their group’s stance on the issue, editorials, speeches, original media, and research.  The purpose of the site is to educate people about the issues that they hold strong dissenting opinions about and to find the pieces of their site that are most effective in getting their stance out.  

Power of Dissent Project

Please visit the following student made websites: 

Stop M.Y. Generation

Don't Silence Youth Violence!

Bodies Don't Have Price Tags

Y WomYn

Man Down

We are not your soldiers!

Youth Rights

Health is Wealth

Power of Dissent Websites were launched at One Love, One Mic

yOurstory Project in the 10th Grade

Driving Question: How can telling my story positively impact myself and my community?

Project Overview: Over the course of this project, you’ll be examining the stories from your life and from the lives of others in order to determine how stories impact our communities.  You will engage in a process of choosing and writing your own story in narrative, poetry or essay, and will then share it at an author’s chair event at the end of the quarter.

yOustory Project

yOurstory Book (bound hard copies available)
yOurstory Book Launch and Performance was at One Love, One Mic

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